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Rain or Shine

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  22.02.2018 Ferienhaus Ostsee

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This run is not for the faint hearted, mainly because of it's access. But, saying that, this is quite possibly one of the most untouched trout rivers to be found on mainland Europe. The water is gin clear (apart from when it rains) through out it's length and is lined for the most part by oaks which offer much needed shade during the summer months.

Lynx Run 1
The Lynx Run 1
Lynx Run 2 Down
The Lynx Run 2 Down
Lynx Run 2 Up
The Lynx Run 2 Up
Lynx Run 3
The Lynx Run 3
Lynx Run 4
The Lynx Run 4
Lynx Run 5
The Lynx Run 5
Lynx Run 6
The Lynx Run 6
Lynx Run 6 Close Up
The Lynx Run 6 Close Up