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  22.02.2018 Ferienhaus Ostsee

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This is the Badger Run. Unlike our Lynx Run, this is a sedate river with long straights and slow meandering bends.

It is an easy river to get to and fish without having to leave your car far away. As with the Lynx, the water is gin clear (apart from when it rains) through out it's length and is lined for the most part by oaks which offer much needed shade during the summer months.

Although it might look small, do not be deceived by it's size, it holds wild Brownies up to and over 8Lbs.

Badger Run 1 Up
The Badger Run 1 Up
Badger Run 1 Down
The Badger Run 1 Down
Badger Run 2 Up
The Badger Run 2
Badger Run 3
The Badger Run 3
Badger Run 4
The Badger Run 4
Badger Run 5
The Badger Run 5
Badger Run 6
The Badger Run 6