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Rui Branco 2Hi, my name is Rui Branco, aged 37, and Portuguese.

I started fishing with my father when I was just 6. Started spinning for bass, which my father always told me “It’s practice for trout fishing in small rivers, where you have to hit the bulls-eye with the spinner.”

In fact, at the age of 12 I started trout fishing with my father, and trout fishing rapidly became my favorite fishing style. I still do it, till today. My biggest trout weight 1kg, but I have the pleasure of knowing some of the most beautiful and remote places of Portugal.

In 2007, after a long period listening to Mário “The Boss” Sousa, I jumped into Carp fishing. I have never fished outside of Portugal. I have entered several competitions, but what I really love is to get those big carp and try and break my personal best. After fishing with the best carpers in Portugal, I have been lucky enough to have caught some nice carp, amongst which my personal best, a common 17,850kg carp. My record was a remarkable moment for me, because I was with the most important person in the world for me, my lovely wife, who tends to bring me luck.

Rui_Branco_1At present I love carp and trout fishing, two very different types of fishing, which complete me as a person, and allows me to see great landscapes and meet fantastic mates. My father is responsible for my fishing passion, which kept us together during my childhood.

I was lucky enough to have been invited in 2013 to be the Finkelde's representative in Portugal and have been ever since.