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Many already know that there is good fishing to be had over here in Portugal, but what most do not realize is that apart from carp, barbel, pike and largemouth bass there are some fantastic trout waters which hold some of Europe’s finest true wild brown trout. Brownies of up to 11Lb + can still be found swimming around as happy as can be in these pristine crystal clear streams, rivers and lakes. So, if fancy fishing for something truly special in a nice remote untouched region of Europe, read on!

Getting here?

These days, with the help of companies like Ryan Air, Easyjet, BMI Baby, Jet 2 and British Airways, you can pick up some great deals on flights to Faro (in the Algarve) and to Lisbon (Lisboa the nations capitol). So, in reality, there really is not that big a difference in going fishing, say in France, than coming fishing over here to Portugal.

This site is our brochure

We no longer have any brochures to send out, nor are we going to have any in the near future. We think that this site's contents covers all of the information which was in our brochures and more. If you do want a brochure of sorts, you can always use the small PDF icon on the left at the top of each page. This will create a PDF version of the page you are looking at. This is rather practical as you only need to save the pages that you find interesting.

Get in touch

If there is any further information about the fishing that you would like to know, please feel free to ask by e-mailing us using the e-mail form on the following page: Contact Us. If you would like a hard copy of any of the pages on this site for yourself and to show your friends, please feel free and print them.